The Nephro-community is the limited/closed group. Glom India plans to empower the entire community of Nephrology by providing valuable and filtered information on the subject. With the help of Glom India, all students, dialysis technicians, doctors, would be empowered and would feel confident while handling renal cases. The Academy would aid all learners so that they are able to guide affected patients in the best way possible.


Under the able guidance of Dr. Jigar Shrimali, Glom India presents the most factual and experienced coaching on Nephrology. The academy is determined to serve the Nephro-community with the best training in the field. Besides providing information online, Glom India would reach out to their fellow cohorts across India by organizing workshops and seminars.


As the Nephro-community grows, Glom India identifies itself as a complete platform for everyone in the field, to connect with one another at all levels. Whether one wants to learn or one wants to impart their teachings, Glom India is here to provide a stage for all. The online academy would additionally connect the community via their e-magazine and regular e-updates whether it is on social media or email.
Education along with empowerment is the key to the future of all learners at the Glom India academy; age no bar. Glom India strives to enable all learners to acquire that key by providing an alternative path to gaining knowledge on the subject. We foster an environment which allows all learners, without the restrictions of time and place, to take ownership and responsibility of their education by being flexible with the selection of programs and pacing them in order to help all professionals reach their desired goals.
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TAT (Teach A Technician)

We believes in providing the best learning possible in the field of Renal Sciences

SIP (Student Interaction Program)

Glom India is committed to maintaining its academic standards and enhancing the quality of its learning and teaching provision.

LFP (Literature Filtration Program)

We publish research work of nephrologists/technicians with all possible mediums like books, blogs, video presentations & newsletters.

FEP (Faculty Exchange Program)

We at Glom India are proud of our experienced and reputed faculty who aid us in delivering quality education, which is at par with the world.

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